A.R8D [/ə-reɪtəd/] is dernier cri.  

We are creating womenswear that is both dynamic and timeless, providing outfits for each mood and every occasion, from ‘street chic’ to sophisticated sweetheart.   

Designed and curated in London by Anoushka Mehta, our first pieces were envisioned in part, to fill a void in her own wardrobe. Her years of fashion experience, coupled with a lust for vogue, led to the inception of A.R8D, to occupy the niche in the market. 

Clothing is a simple concept; fabric, colour and cut combine to adequately dress the body. What makes this our passion however, is the euphoria we create in women when they wear the perfect fabric in the most flattering cut.  

Comfort. Style. Individuality.

We’re driven by it.